Each year we purchase steers to be finished on our
pastures.  The animals we buy are coming off pasture
and mother's milk only.  They are between six months
and a year of age and will stay with us for a year to 18
months.  In that time they will receive no grain of any
kind.  In addition we use no antibiotics, hormones or
commercial wormers or insecticides.  We do use Basic H
from Shacklee's in the water periodically for worms and
in a spray for biting insects.  This product is a soap made
from soy beans and is completely organic.

The finishing of cattle on pasture is an art.  It is much
easier and faster to feed large amounts of corn (up to
90% of the diet) to grow and fatten the steers.  The
adverse impact of this practice on human health, animal
welfare and the environment is well known.  Our goal
with our cattle, as with all animals here at HSF, is to raise
animals that are healthy, content and good for you.

*For more info on the importance of grass fed meats,
milk and eggs for
your health, please visit  
www.eatwild.com .
Our two steers resting in the sun.
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