At Hope Springs Farm we grow grass and then raise animals that are
meant to eat it.  Our animals are raised as close to nature as we can
manage.  We know that ruminants were designed to eat green things and
not grain; to live in a clean environment, walking around and lying down in
green grass, not confined in a stockyard full of mud and filth and to be
treated in a humane manner.  When we do this we find that they don’t
need to be fed antibiotics or be injected or implanted with hormones.  The
end product is meat that is leaner, and higher in CLA and Omega-3 than
anything that is fed a grain diet*.  There is no chance of Mad Cow (BSE) or
toxigenic E.coli. The final result is meat without guilt!

We have lambs available for sale April through August.  These lambs are
completely milk and grass fed, young and tender and ready to go!

We try to have two steers  for beef each year.  These are usually ready in
the summer.  The steers are fed only milk, grass, hay and beet pulp their
entire lives.  They sell quickly, so if you are interested, please contact us
early to reserve your portion.

Lambs are sold whole and steers by the half or quarter.  We will arrange
for butchering and freezing at a local abattoir.  The lambs are $70-100
each plus $35 processing fee.  The steers are $3.50/lb hanging weight.  
This should end up with the price per quarter around $5oo and includes
processing.  All the meat will be wrapped, labeled and frozen unless
otherwise requested.

We also have eggs from pastured chickens and ducks.

Currently our efforts in dairy are limited.   Our first cow is giving enough
for a few cow shares, which are already taken.  When our heifer freshens
in the spring we will have more shares available.  Please contact us for
further details.

*For more info on the importance of grass fed meats, milk and eggs for
your health, please visit .
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